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    a4j:status problem



      I have an a4j:status on the page, with a graphicImage in it. A commandLink has an action and a reRender. The problem is the request finishes and the components are reRendered ok, but the image from the status in not hidden.

      I am using RichFaces 3.2.1 SR1 and Facelets.

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          please try one of the latest 3.2.1 SNAPSHOTs. If the problem will not be fixed - provide your code snippets. And more info about JSF environment.

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            I have the fallowing case:

            I define a modal panel in a subview in the template file.

            <f:subview id="loginsubview">
            <rich:modalPanel id="loginModal">
            <a4j:command value="Login" action="#{Authentificator.login}" id="loginModalButton">
            <rich:componentControl for="loginsubview:loginModal" attachTo="loginModalButton"
             operation="hide" event="onclick"/>

            Then, in the <f:view> -<h:form> I have something like this

            <a4j:commandLink id="logincommand" value="#{messages.Login} " rendered="#{!Authentificator.authentificated}"
            <rich:componentControl for="loginsubview:loginModal" attachTo="logincommand" operation="show" event="onclick" params="top: 75, left: window.innerWidth - 410"/>
            <a4j:commandLink id="logoutcommand" value="#{messages.Logout}" action="#{Authentificator.logout}"
             rendered="#{Authentificator.authentificated}" reRender="topmenupanel" status="progressMain"/>

            As I mentioned, when pressing Login in the modal Panel, the request is sent and compoenents are reRendered, but the login window does not close. I have first tried onclick event on the a4j:command, didn't work. The status is visible.

            The logout command is a simple a4j:commandLink, with an actions that clears the session and a reRender, that works ok. The status is visible after this also.

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              P.S. (can't edit my post)
              I have made a mistake there, I am (obviously) using RichFaces 3.2.0 SR1. On Glassfish V2.01 with NetBeans 6.1.