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    CollectionOfElements - various issues

    Michael McGovern Newbie

      I've had a few problems with an owned list.

      Firstly I can't override the table name, the JoinTable annotation is not compatible with the documentation (name attribute instead of table?)

      The generated code was coming up with column names like 'teller_teller_num' where teller_num is the PK on the main table and part of in the owned table.

      In both cases I fudged the DDL to match the generated code and it reads it OK but gives a NPE from the bowels of the JBoss/EJB3 code on em.flush();.

      If I remove the code that simply iterates this list there is no problem.

      I'm using 404 CR2 and RC6 PFD.

      Can someone please give examples of such mappings?