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    List of differences between the EJB3.0 install and the FULL

    Eric Ray Novice

      Can someone point to a list that shows the differences between these two installations. I'm fairly new to EJB development and I want to use the new EJB spec instead of the old 2.1 spec. However, I still need the full suite of AppServer capabilities. My concern is the the EJB3.0 install of JBoss is limited in it's support of the different aspects of J2EE (or in this case Java EE 5) development.

      Basically, can I install the EJB 3.0 version and get things like JMS support, Web Services, Transaction support using the new annotations in Java EE 5. Or better yet, if I install and develop to the EJB 3.0 installation of JBoss, What can I NOT do?