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    NullPointerException when using EntityManager lock method

    Diógenes Rettori Newbie

      Hi everybody.
      I'm having some problems using the entity manager lock method.
      The thing is that I have to write a large blob data to oracle database and it can only be done using streams (as far as I know... If I'm wrong, please correct me). When using streams is, in most cases necessary, to lock the object (row) for write and in some case for reading so none can possibly get a wrong value. BUT I'm getting an NPE right in the call to entity manager's lock method.

      I would be glad to have some help on this.

      I guess, again, I GUESS, this is probably a bug because I didn't configure my persistence manager and database in any unusual way... doin' it the same way I've been doing since ever.


      Diógenes Guedes Rettori.