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    Performance EJB2 v EJB3

    Ian Hunter Newbie

      My work project is very hot on performance issues and we've implemented it using 2.1. I want to identify whether a 3.0 solution will help in this regard

      I've just spiked out a subset using EJB3 to do a speed comparison, and this indicates that EJB3 is slower than the EJB2 across all tests.

      Is this a surprise, or is this accepted and I need to wait for performance enhancements, OR is there something I can do about it in my configuration?

      1) Standard 4.0.3SP1 out of the box, copying the default server to give me an independant servers.
      2) Platform is WinXP.
      3) I use a seperate (outside container) JUNIT harness.
      4) App. contains good mixture or read/write access
      5) Hypersonic DB
      6) For test results (msecs) at bottom.

      I have observed that in general, the EJB3 slams the CPU to 100% on both a WinXP and Windows 2000 machines

      Any information or advice gratefully recieved.

      [BTW: I am not in any way criticising here, I just need to know what can be expected so we can plan the project.]

      Many Thanks
      Ian Hunter

      EJB2 EJB3
      testAddingSingleCriticalAlarmNotification 20.4 28.1
      testUserCommentsTenAlarms 42.2 224.9
      testPollTenDeletedAlarms 53.1 71.8
      testPollTenChangedAlarms 53.1 151.7
      testPollTenNewlyCreatedAlarms 68.8 210.8
      testUserUnacknowledgesTenAlarmsAndWaitsForDelta 81.2 304.6
      testUserAcknowledgesTenAlarmsAndWaitsForDelta 92.1 336.1
      testUserDeletesTenAlarms 129.7 173.6
      testAddingTenCriticalAlarmNotifcationsToSameAlarmLifecycle 134.5 168.9
      testAddingCriticalAndClearedAlarmNotifcations 137.4 198.5
      testUserCommentsTenAlarmsAndWaitsForDelta 593.6 882.7
      testUserUnacknowledgesTenAlarmsAndWaitsForDelta 648.6 979.7
      testUserAcknowledgesTenAlarmsAndWaitsForDelta 662.6 923.4
      testUserDeletesTenAlarmsAndWaitsForDelta 675.1 746.7