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    Peter Voringer Newbie


      is there alternative dynamic way to inject an EJB into another EJB?

      In my SFSB X i have an injected SFSB Y, so lifecycle and ExendedPersistenceContext are bound together like

      Y y;

      Problem is i have about 30 injected EJBs. It is very inefficient when X is created and all other EJBs are created and injected.

      Any hints?



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          Peter Voringer Newbie

          not possible? The solution not have to be pretty, because it's only one SFSB
          which is buried under other abstract layers. So it only has to work.



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            Emmanuel Bernard Master

            Why is it so slow?

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              Peter Voringer Newbie

              i think it is in my case.

              SFSB X is something like a Context (Application, Session, Request, Event) in Seam, so there will be a lot of them.

              Y is a single DAO (per Entity one DAO) and i would have to include all of them.

              Why i need this:

              I cannot work with my DAOs, because each DAO has it's own ExtendedPersistenceContext. So if i have a unit-of-work i have
              to use more than one of them and so the changes are not atomar
              anymore. So i have to bind the lifecycle and PersistenceContext
              of my DAOs with something like a Context SFSB (in the example X)
              but this only works, if the DAOs are injected via Container and not
              fetched via JNDI.
              Unfortunatelly i can not use Seam for my application,
              because Seam uses a SFSB per Use-Case and in my modular-application
              the use-cases can not be foreknown.
              So i need a very dynamic and abstract facade which give out persistent and not detached object.

              Very simple Problem, but no simple solution (not any yet).



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                Peter Voringer Newbie

                any hints or solutions?

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                  Carlo de Wolf Master

                  Lazy initialization?
                  It would require some JNDI calls though.

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                    Peter Voringer Newbie

                    all relations are Lazy. For fetching via joines i have additional finder-methods in my DAOs.

                    All i want is a facade where i can get persistent (undetached) entities which are associated with one persistence-context.

                    If someone knows Liferay-Portal similar to their facade, but not with
                    the restriction of detached objects. I do not need a remote calls to the SFSBs, it is one JVM and one JBoss where Isolation is disabled.



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                      Emmanuel Bernard Master

                      Yes JBoss probably should lazy initialize the session beans. Open a JIRA request