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    ejb3 and client


      Hi everybody!
      I'm once again in trouble and really need your help!
      I developped a simple entity bean that has 4 fields, id, name, email and password. I created the getters and setters and added all the stuff necessary for the ejb3 (@Entity, @Id and so on). I also created a ContactManager stateless bean that contain the business method (addcontact or listcontact) and I would like now to create the client to test that.

      Sadly, I don't have any idea how to do it. I am really new to almost every concept here, I don't know jndi (and I dont get how to specify the jndi name here because I actually don't define it) and I don't understand all those things with the EntityManager, the context stuff and so on. you see, it sounds pretty bad!

      However, I would really like to create that client! If someone knows where I can find some kind of a standard client to make that work it'll be great.

      The soures of my application can be found there

      The problem in this tutorial is that it creates another file that will create and delete some contacts automatically, but I'd like to create them myself typing their name, email and password...
      Any idea?