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    4.0.4.CR2 => 4.0.4.GA @SequenceGenerator now ignored...

    Jason Long Master

      I am using sequences to generate all of my pks using PostgreSQL 8.1.3. This was working fine until I upgraded to 4.0.4.GA from 4.0.4.CR2.

      Now none of my sequences are not working on some 70+ entities.

      They are being assiged from some other source. Probably the default stragety.

      After restarting the application. It seems a new pool of pks is grabbed in a block of 50, but my sequences are not affected.

      My application is quite dependent on these sequences working as I had them set up.

      See annotation code below.

      public class Size implements Serializable {
       private Long id;
       @Id @GeneratedValue( strategy=GenerationType.SEQUENCE, generator="seq_size")
       @SequenceGenerator(name="seq_size", sequenceName="seq_size" )
       public Long getId() { return this.id; }
       public void setId(Long id) { this.id = id; }

      This is a total show stopper and I must resolve ASAP.

      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated...........