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    Memory leak in PermGen space in 4.0.4

    Pawel Miniewicz Newbie

      After switching from 4.0.3sp1 with EJB3 RC6 to 4.0.4 I'm having fast growing memory leak during my app activity.
      When I'm generating automated test requests to my server, it eats about 1 MB of memory in PermGen in several seconds. Even after setting -XX:MaxPermSize=256m it dies after about 10 minutes with OOM Error.

      On previous JBoss version, even if my app is tested for hours, memory usage in PermGen is about 33MB and does not increase.

      On thing I changed in JBoss distribution is applying a patch to javassist that is described here
      because javassist cannot deal with my entities when they implement interfaces with generic types.

      I suspect this is a problem with javassist, but completely does not know how to further diagnose this problem.