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    Performance for embedded alpha 8

    Daniel Cardin Newbie

      I have installed the latest alpha and the bootstrapping time has increased very dramatically.

      To give an order of magnitude, my configuration is completed usually in about 30 seconds for all my beans etc.

      With alpha 8, it takes about 150 seconds... 5 times as long. So something must be broken.

      Has anyone else experienced this ?



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          Daniel Cardin Newbie

          I have double checked my results.

          Just to mention all other things are equal. The difference lies simply in which libraries I use.


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            Filippo Newbie

            I noted a 10 second increasing on a total of 50 seconds when I switched from alfa6 to alfa8.

            DEBUG 20-06 19:35:32,937 (KernelFactory.java:assembleNewKernel:86) -Starting JBoss Kernel construction...
            DEBUG 20-06 19:35:33,078 (KernelFactory.java:assembleNewKernel:112) -Completed JBoss Kernel construction. Duration: 125 milliseconds
            INFO 20-06 19:35:33,078 (EJB3StandaloneBootstrap.java:loadMBeanServer:408) -!!loadMBeanServer servers 0
            INFO 20-06 19:35:33,078 (EJB3StandaloneBootstrap.java:loadMBeanServer:411) -!!loadMBeanServer creating...
            WARN 20-06 19:35:33,656 (BeanSchemaBinding.java:init:227) -You should use the 2.0 version of the Microcontainer xml. xmlns='urn:jboss:bean-deployer:2.0'
            DEBUG 20-06 19:35:33,734 (BeanXMLDeployer.java:deploy:91) -Parsing file:/D:/Eclipse%20Workspaces/SOA_EJB3/CBI_BE/bin/embedded-jboss-beans.xml took 594 milliseconds
            DEBUG 20-06 19:35:34,000 (UserTransactionImpl.java:start:61) -new UserTx: org.jboss.ejb3.embedded.UserTransactionImpl@15a3a1
            INFO 20-06 19:35:34,078 (LocalTxDataSource.java:bindConnectionFactory:117) -Bound datasource to JNDI name 'java:/cbi_local_tx'
            DEBUG 20-06 19:35:34,093 (BeanXMLDeployer.java:deploy:98) -Deploying file:/D:/Eclipse%20Workspaces/SOA_EJB3/CBI_BE/bin/embedded-jboss-beans.xml took 953 milliseconds
            DEBUG 20-06 19:36:09,296 (JaccHelper.java:initialiseJacc:61) -Initialising JACC Context for deployment: Cbi
            DEBUG 20-06 19:36:09,625 (Ejb3AnnotationHandler.java:getContainers:164) -found EJB3: ...

            Watching the log I see that there's a 35 secs stop (cpu at 100%) just after the deploying of embedded-jboss-bean.xml (where there is an accurate time report) and before the JACC initialization.

            I'm struggling to understand what those 35 secs are used for, as I think they will increase when increasing bean number. I hope not, because bootstrap can get very delayed.

            I'm also thinking to break bean deploying on several pieces respecting dependencies and to load beans on request. But I have to work on it.