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    Several Ajax and non-Ajax actions on the same HTML page / Ma

    Thomas Bazin Newbie


      Our customer would like to run Ajax actions when the Enter key is pressed. Unfortunately, we have too much actions on our JSF pages bound to our managed bean and we can't just use submit buttons (type="submit") and normal buttons (type="button").

      For the moment, we have used a scrappy trick which consist of changing the submit button in a normal button before the Ajax call and to change it again after the call.

      But our customer does not like this solution... We have tried with several forms on a JSF page (linked to the same managed bean) but it seams it does not work.

      So, what can we do?

      Should we use several managed beans (which would be expensive in time and also difficult to manage correctly the JSF page refresh and the session)?

      Should we use only one action by managed bean and to call the right method with a flag?

      Thank you for your help,

      Thomas BAZIN.