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      in my application I have a ejb-jar file and a jar-file, both containing entities (through annotations). The ejb-jar file contains a persistence.xml with a jar file entry:


      Both (the ejb-jar and the adress-1.0.jar) are packaged into an ear. When deploying I get the following error message:
      [java] ObjectName: persistence.units:ear=gep-1.0.ear,jar=process-1.0.jar,unitName=em-process
       [java] State: FAILED
       [java] Reason: java.lang.RuntimeException: error trying to scan <jar-file>: file:/D:/projects/gep/1_0/jboss/install/address-1.0.jar
       [java] I Depend On:
       [java] jboss.jca:service=ManagedConnectionFactory,name=testDS

      Its looking in the current/deploy directory for the jar but not in the ear itself? What can I do that the JBoss server is looking in the ear for the jar?

      Thanks for your help!