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    Recommended Design?

    John Newbie

      I'm getting my feet wet and am struggling a little. I have a page that displays a list of employees. I want to add an edit link for each employee. I'm having trouble keeping the employee record in the proper state. I have an event-scoped ejb that does a find for all active employees. The edit link is mapped to a session ejb that does a confirmation then save. When the edit paged is loaded, all of the values are correct, even the database id. When the confirmation page is loaded, the values are there, but the id is now 0. Why am I losing the object? I've tried flushing the entitymanager when the user clicks continue (before the confirm screen), but the changes aren't persisted. Any recommendation on architecture? I followed the booking/dvd store examples, but they both use session beans to do views and updates. I'm confused.