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    Intercepting output bean results

    Filippo Newbie

      I use EJB3 bean and interceptors in this way:

      int. A (try block)
      int. B (try block)
      bean's method
      int. B (finally block)
      int. A (finally block)

      where in try block I do some checks on request and in finally block (after bean method execution) I do some other check on bean generated response.

      Response is passed between interceptors and bean (and viceversa) using threadlocal data as explained in

      Is it possible to make bean response visible to interceptors as it yet happens for parameeters? Doing so, bean's mthod semantic would be cleaner because there's no need to rely on additional code to export the response. I don't know if this feature is implemented, so I posted on forum.

      thanks in advance