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    JIRA issue - EJBTHREE-497 - EJB3 with Java5 server and Java1

    David Alves Newbie


      This issue (the compatibility between a jdk1.4 client and a jdk1.5/JBoss/EJB3 server) appears as closed in JIRA, so I assume there is a way to use a jdk1.4 client to call a Stateless EJB3 Bean (I tryed through the previous API using PortableRemoteObject.narrow()). I of course get a major/minor version in the client lib, so where coud I get a jdk1.4 compatible version of the client libs? I searched the forum quite thouroughly I though I can find this question I can't seem to find an answer.

      Although my project is the first one here using EJB3 I'm really very happy with both the spec and your implementation of it, but as there are quite a few legacy apps here that still use previous jboss and java versions i can't conclude either this project or seriously consider EJB3 if this is not available.

      Thanks in advance for your reply.