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    ClassCastException when updating ear-jar.xml schema to be EJ

    Logan Kiefer Newbie

      I'm using JBoss 4.0.4GA with EJB RC7. My current ejbs are all 2.0 ejbs and I want to keep using the deployment descriptors. I'm updating the ear-jar.xml schema to use ear-jar_3_0.xsd instead of the ear-jar_2_0.xsd.

      When I change the ejb-jar.xml to use ejb-jar_3.0.xsd the context.lookup(jndiName) is returning a proxy that does not extend the EJBHome interface. If I change back to the ejb-jar_2.0.dtd the Proxy does extend javax.ejb.EJBHome.

      Does this mean in order for my EJB 2.0 beans to be EJB 3.0 compliant (i.e. use ejb-jar_3.0.xsd) I must now remove all occurances of casting the Proxy object, returned from a context.lookup, to EJBHome???