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    @Interceptor call failure on @WebMethod

    James Schreuder Newbie

      I have just developed an Interceptor that will log @WebMethod calls on a @WebService annotated @Stateless EJB. I have noticed that if I don't implement a @Remote interface on my @Stateless session bean, the interceptor is not invoked on any of the @WebMethods. But I can still call the webservice correctly. If I do implement the @Remote interface, the interceptor works correctly with the webservice interface.


      Here are some short class samples (taken from the O'Reilly EJB3.0 book):

      @WebService(name = "TravelAgent", serviceName="TravelAgentService")

      // ***
      // Comment the following line out and the calls to the
      // TravelAgentInterceptor.class in the @Interceptors list
      // are never invoked and no failure message is reported
      // There is no difference in the behaviour between @Remote
      // or "implements TravelAgentRemote" either.
      // ***

      // @Remote(TravelAgentRemote.class)

      public class TravelAgentBean
      @PersistenceContext(unitName="titan") private EntityManager manager;

      public void createCabin(@WebParam(name="Cabin")Cabin cabin)

      public interface TravelAgentRemote
      public void createCabin(Cabin cabin);

      public class TravelAgentInterceptor
      public Object intercept(InvocationContext invocationContext) throws Exception
      System.out.println(invocationContext.getMethod().getName() + " called.");
      return invocationContext.proceed();

      Any help would be much appreciated. I am hoping to avoid having to define Remote interfaces that are exact copies of the methods on my stateless webservice session beans. The @WebService annotation provides an "endpoint interface" so that I don't have to implement the @Remote interface? Is that correct?