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    JNDI binding? (also: API Versions)

    Hoagie X Newbie

      In different tutorials I am seeing different specifications for the same models.

      e.g.: To bind a SessionBean to a give name, some use:


      others use:


      What am I missing or not getting? (ps. the LocalBinding annotation is also not available in the API documentation and/or Jboss EJB3.0 package)

      Also, I find it highly annoying that the mappedName proprety isn't supported by Jboss (4.0.4GA) and that when you use the name property, the JAR filename is included in the JNDI binding, which makes hardcoding JNDI bindings impossible, since you have no garuantee whatsoever that the jar filename won't be changed by someone down the road.