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    How to specify default values for attributes in service POJO

    Justin Newbie


      Assume I have a POJO annotated with the @Service annotation, implementing an interface annotated with the @Management annotation:

      public interface BirtReportEngine {
       // ... methods
      @Service (objectName="com.sadalbari.reporting.birt:service=BirtReportEngine")
      public class BirtReportEngineMBean implements BirtReportEngine {
       // ... attributes and methods

      How do I specify default values for attributes in a deployment descriptor? The tutorial for service POJOS with deployment descriptors (http://docs.jboss.org/ejb3/app-server/tutorial/service_deployment_descriptor/service.html) makes no mention of how to specify attributes

      Thanks in advance,

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          Daniel Abramovich Newbie

          I'm interested in this as well, but so far I haven't found a way.

          The JBoss J2EE deployment descriptor XSD which includes the POJO Service deployement descriptor does not seem to allow for arbitrary management properties, however.

          I also tried the using a -service.xml file as describe in this thread, but there was no magic - I ended up w/ a ordinary MBean, but the EJB didn't get deployed.

          Seems like this is needed. I really like how this ties together the actual service w/ the mgmt interface, but without the attributes I can't use it in a lot of places. Shall I put in a request via JIRA or is there something we're not seeing?