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    Avoiding multiple Hibernate deploys

    Scott Balmos Newbie

      Hi everyone,

      Next question... I'm using EJB3 persistence for my entity beans. In my EAR, I have about 12 EJB JARs, and 1 persistence JAR. I'm not sure whether I'm just not using a dependency entry in the EJB JAR deployment descriptors or what, but each one of the EJBs seems to redeploy the persistence JAR. Considering I have nearly a hundred entities in the persistence JAR, it takes Hibernate a nontrivial amount of time to do the hbm2ddl schema syncing and whatnot.

      Is this a dependency issue that I'm missing in the deployment descriptor? It would be odd to think so, since EJB3 is trying to get away from the deployment desriptors as much as possible in lieu of annotations.