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    detect changes into an ejb3 exploded jar



      My application needs to know about changes made in time. for example, the addition of other entity bean into an exploded jar that contains all the application entity beans.

      Can jboss detect the new changes made to the application?

      I have tried changing the context in the ejb-jar.xml file to force a redeploy on the server according to:


      it doesnt work. The problem with this approach is that if i have 20 entities
      in the jar, then when i add a new one it will redeploy all of them, and i just
      need it to recognize that only one, i mean, add this new entity to the server environment.

      any comments will be appreciated.

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          When you say "it doesn't work", do you mean that the redeploy does not work at all or are you saying that a complete undeploy/redeploy does not work for your application requirements?

          Currently, touching/modifying the primary deployment descriptor in an exploded archive will always perform a full undeploy/redeploy. We are looking into just depoying/redeploying the deltas, but that is not currently available.

          When you depoy a new bean, you can always deploy it in a new jar.

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            bdecoste, thanks for your comment, when i mean "it doesnt work" i mean the approach does not work for the application requirements.

            I've seen some posts like this one:

            (see 3 entry), you can see:

            "I had a good look at Ejb3Configuration (and its source code) prior to posting the question, but came to the conclusion that I could not use it in conjunction with the container's services to scan the jars for entity beans to deploy, parse the annotations etc. However, I can see that using addAnnotatedClass(...) explicitely may do the trick. "

            They mention something about using the containers's services to scan the jars for entity beans to deploy.

            I can see there is a service "DeploymentScanner", that you can configure in the standardjboss.xml file, but this does not provide the functionality a need.

            My question is, if the guy is referencing to any other kind of service that can be used to work around this issue ?.

            thanks again for your time.