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    Updating EntityManagerFactory

    Andres Mauricio Martinez Newbie


      My application is creating entity beans dynamically, so, when i create i new entity bean i must update the Ejb3Configuration to let it know there is a new bean, i make this using the method 'addAnnotatedClass(Class clazz)' and 'buildMappings()'.

      I have several EntityManagerFactory, created using the clas Ejb3Configuration , using the method (createEntityManagerFactory()).

      The problem is how to update the EntityManagerFactory that has been already created, before the update of the Ejb3Copnfiguration.

      If i want to do it, i have to create a new EntityManagerFactory from the Ejb3Configuration updated.


      Ejb3Configuration ejb3Configuration = new Ejb3Configuration();
      Properties p = new Properties();
      //Config properties .......
      //add some entities
      //Create the factory
      EntityManagerFactory factory = ejbConfiguration.createEntityManagerFactory();
      Then in some point my application needs to know about a new entity bean
      so i add it to the configuration i've been using:


      EntityManager entityManager = factory.createEntityManagerFactory();
      //Use this EntityManager to persist the new entity
      entityManager.persist([instance of EntityBean3]);

      In this point i got the error: EntityBean3 not mapped, that is because the factory is not synchronized with the Ejb3Configuration.

      How can i make this sync ?. I'm working creating a new EntityManagerFactory everytime the application generates a new entity bean, but i think that is really ugly, not to mention the performance problems for the application.