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    No pooling for stateless session beans with JBoss 4.0.4 GA a

    Guido Bening Newbie


      we have an EJB 2.1 system and try to integrate an EJB 3 business component (EJB 3 SLSB as facade and EJB 3 POJO's for persistence).

      Eeach method call to the EJB 3 SLSB creates a new bean instance. We have a 'printout' with the object identity in the PostConstruct callback method. We call the method 1000 times and each call creates it's own instance. EJB 2 SLSB are pooled correctly - so only one bean was created for the 1000 calls.

      The creation/lookup of the EJB 3 SLSB is made by lookup the EJB 2 view of the EJB 3 bean, means: we use a LocalHome interface for EJB 3 too (for compatibility purposes only).

      Any suggestions?