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    simple question

    Taras Tratatata Newbie

      I have one simple question.
      When writing simple HelloWord application with EJB3, the @EJB annotation is used in application client to get reference to bean's interface -probably.
      My client for this application uses this annotation and it works fine but only when deployed and ran on Sun Server Application not on JBoss.
      In Jboss I have to use this code:
      InitialContext ctx = new InitialContext();
      soldierRemote soldierOne = (soldierRemote)ctx.lookup("jbossSoldier/soldierBean/remote");
      in SunAS
      "@EJB soldierRemote soldierOne" is fine.

      My assumption is that my client app. for SSA works because I execute it with appclient ( is this client container? ) and one for JBoss must have the additional code because it is a standalone application.
      Is that true??
      If so:
      When writing standalone client for SSA, do I need a different code from that for JBoss ?
      How to execute application client with @EJB annotation for Jboss, how to run its client container ?

      Thx for help.