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    Deployment problem

    Qba C Newbie

      This is my bean:

      package ejbPackage;

      import java.util.Collection;
      import javax.ejb.Stateless;
      import javax.ejb.*;
      import javax.annotation.PostConstruct;
      import javax.persistence.EntityManager;
      import javax.persistence.PersistenceContext;

      public class haloBean implements ejbPackage.haloRemote {

      private int temp;

      // @PersistenceContext
      // EntityManager em;

      /** Creates a new instance of helloBean */
      public haloBean() {

      // public String addTeam(int id,String name, String desc){
      // Team tm = new Team(id,name,desc);
      // em.persist(em);
      // return "dodano - ok";
      // }

      public void inicjalizacja(){
      this.temp = 10;
      //nie wypisuje bo to nie jego konsola :-P

      public String sayHello(){
      return "hello master";
      public int getTemp(){
      return temp;

      // public Collection getTeam(){
      // return em.createQuery("from Team t").getResultList();
      // }


      Its run, but when i uncomment it's crasched:

      javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: remote not bound
      I can't find my remote interface in jmx console (there is only client and bean) when the part of code is comment the interface is visible too.