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    The wiki is misleading...

    Paul Oswald Newbie

      I know this is sort of a FAQ but I've read a lot of things and I'm still not sure I know what the right answer is.

      When installing 4.0.4.GA using the graphical installer I feel like the all configuration should include everything that all of the others do. After picking that and installing I notice that the ejb3.deployer is missing. I went back through and tried it again with ejb3 and sure enough, I get new/different deployers. For instance, the ejb3.deployer is missing from the all config. This seems to contradict what the trailblazer says:


      Each configuration installs a different set of programming APIs, libraries, and deployers. The all, ejb3, and ejb3-cluster configurations support EJB 3.0.

      So does all support ejb3 or not? If so then why is it missing these deployers? I feel like this should mention that all is not really everything. Really I feel like all should be changed to be everything or perhaps renamed.

      Sorry if this is all laid out somewhere I didn't find.