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    EJB 3.0 help - joining

    stephan opitz Newbie

      i have two tables:

      categories_id BIGINT(20) NOT NULL,
      image VARCHAR(45) NOT NULL,
      parent_categories_id BIGINT(20) NOT NULL,
      sort_order INTEGER(3) NOT NULL,
      last_modified DATETIME NOT NULL,
      timestamp DATETIME NOT NULL,
      PRIMARY KEY(categories_id)

      CREATE TABLE categories_lang (
      categories_id BIGINT(20) NOT NULL,
      languages_id BIGINT(20) NOT NULL,
      name VARCHAR(45) NOT NULL,
      description TEXT NOT NULL,
      PRIMARY KEY(categories_id, languages_id)

      in categoriesLang the languages_id is given...

      is it possible to get the specific language data while creating query for categories table... or have i ask second table in second query