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    Entity bean passed through a session bean and into the UI! S

    A T Newbie

      I would like professional advice on a good design pattern when using EJB3(session and entity).
      We have been having this debate at work about not using entity bean in the client and only allowing
      a session bean to access the entity beans.

      I had to take in my textbook(Beginning Java EE 5) to substantiate my claim that using the EB in the
      UI is not a good idea.

      However the decision has now went in favour of using common objects(previously EB) in the front end
      and passing them into the session bean which can then be marked with the @embeddable annotation
      and persisted by an entity bean?

      What are you're views and thoughts on this? What is a good design pattern to follow that will allow
      scalability as well as being quick to implement?