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    Setting timeout for EJB3 session beans

    Marco Huber Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am a little bit confused about setting timeout for EJB3 session beans. I searched all the web and the jboss forums, but get no answers.

      I tried to configure the timeout in the standardjboss.xml with no effect. A setting of the parameter <remover-period>, <max-bean-life>, <overager-period> and <max-bean-age> in diverse container configuration to lower values seemed to be ignored.
      I didn't find a configuration file for EJB3 to set this values.

      I noticed the a "job" passivate all 10 minutes my inacitve SFSB.

      Therefore my questions:
      Does EJB3-SFSB uses the standardjboss.xml configuration?
      Is their a special configuration file for EJB3 and where is it?
      How can I specify the timeout for a SFSB?

      Thanks in advance for your answers,