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    @EJB remote reference


      Regarding documentation it can be done via

      @EJB (mappedName"EARNAME/BEANCLASSNAME/remote")

      But how can I tell it the port+IP of the remote bean ?

      Via "non-injected-classical lookup" it's no problem, (or e.g putting classical lookup-code into a @postconstruct interceptor)

      but I couldnt find a way to get port+ip (lookup data) into a @EJB remote reference ...

      I dont see why a remote reference via @EJB makes sense if you cant tell it ip+port

      no big issue because there are workarounds (even creating my own extended @ejb annotation that has the ability to inject port+ip should be no big deal/porblem),
      basicly, I'm just curious,
      if I'm too stupid to figure out how to do it or if it really aint possible.

      t.ia for help/infos :-)