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    Random javax.naming.NameNotFoundException

    volga Newbie


      I noticed that when running the JBoss 4.0.4.GA from IDEA undex WinXP, and running a remote client from IDEA too, I get a javax.naming.NameNotFoundException about 50% of the time.

      The application is the Calculator example from the TrailBlazer, sligthly modified to use a remote client. This happens with or without security policy.

      When using the Debug mode for the client, it doesn't happen. (Evething works fine).

      If I run the server outside of IDEA and the client in IDEA, everything works fine.

      It can be very confusing (and it has been for me a 20 hours research to isolate this use case, so it may be woth exposing here.

      BTW, whatever teh reason, the error message is not the one we should receive, so one might eventualy call it a bug.