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    Partitioned classes and configuration?

    [Si]dragon Newbie

      I am working with Seam, but I think this is an EJB3 problem, hence posting in this thread.

      I have a working test environment set up for my Seam application that performs nicely when I put all my configuration files in the same location as the classes. That is, it looks something like this:

       usual stuff
       usual stuff

      However, I like to be very strict about keeping clean separation between different types of resources. It would be ideal to keep all the configuration files in a location like resources/ without copying them into classes/, then add both to my classpath at test runtime.

      Section 9.2 of the Seam reference says that any location containing a seam.properties file will be scanned for components. This works, sort of, but I get ugly errors which I do not understand. I have stack traces on my wiki here: http://sidragon.net/wiki/JBoss_Seam_test_environment#Symptoms

      Any suggestions? Is it possible to keep this divide?