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    Classloading scope during @PostConstruct lifecycle call with

    Alexander Sack Novice

      404GA, CallByValue/Scoped EArs was selected during install, XP SP2

      I have a SLSB and I'm trying to grab a resource using the getResourceAsStream call (at least indirectly within a JAR packaged in my EAR via a Class-Path MANIFEST entry).

      I noticed that unless I set the ContextClassLoader to the loader of the class, it can't find the resource.

      Let me explain:


      ClassPath: lib/my-lib.jar

      my-lib.jar has a function that call that sets the current classloader to the thread and tries to load the resource name passed in.

      If I execute this function within a @PostConstruct lifecycle call, the resources within my EAR aren't visisble.

      This seems like a bug. Is the classloader different during lifecycle calls?