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    Help!!! Simple problem

    asd asd Newbie

      Hi all!
      I wrote a simple EJB 3 component:
      in a separate files on EJB project:

      public interface TestSessionLocal {
       public String getTestString();
      public class TestSessionBean implements my.ejb.TestSessionLocal {
       public String getTestString(){
       return "Hello, world!";

      and a simple code in the web application:
      class MyServlet extends HttpServlet{
       public TestSessionLocal tsLocal;

      I don't write any configuration files - how I understand, this don't requisite: they exists, but they is empty (e.g. ). Or that not right?

      When procees method doRequest() in MySrevlet field tsLocal==null
      When i run this application in Sun App Server - all works ok! And when i deploy this application in JBoss application server tsLocal field==null.

      I use NetBeans 5.5 (Enterprise Application project)

      Thank you.