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    Strange behavior

    Denis Peyrusaubes Newbie


      Swing <-> SFSB(remote !)
      (2 different VM of course)

      Description of this strange behavior:

      a method of my sfsb returns an object with reference (in the server):


      this instance is managed by the persistence manager ( I use

      In my swing app if I display the object I received, i get:
      my.package.Account@19 (the same)

      And, if I send back this object to the server I get always the same reference on the server....
      my.package.Account@19 (the same)

      This object is now "theorically" detached from its persistence context.
      If i set any of its property, the modificatin does not impact on the db (normal).

      If i merge this object, the merge results reference is:
      my.package.Account@19 (lol)
      And now as it is managed, any modification on my entity will reflected in
      my db.

      All what i have described here is ejb3 conform (need to merge).
      but i'm surprised that the refereence after serialization remains... is it a JBoss serialization mechanism specific behavior ????
      Thankk you