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    Stateless Session Beans - when to have remove

    stephan opitz Newbie

      i have an jsf application saving the reference to my ejbs in one javabean called datafactory

      as i printed out for stateless beans in variable will be saved:

      10:02:36,359 INFO [DataFactory] stateless: CategoriesLangImp

      and for stateful:

      10:02:36,359 INFO [DataFactory] stateful: SessionImpl:5c4o4yp-flv5bi-es4a7n25-1-es4a8mvn-7

      so if i remove statful session bean by using ejb with reference 5c4o4yp-flv5bi-es4a7n25-1-es4a8mvn-7 is not more available.
      but the stateless with which only handle ejb persistence should not be removed, but at all is it neccessary?
      how long will the beans available on application server - is there any time limit?

      thy so much