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    EJB 2.1 beans without mappedName

    sosopk Newbie


      In my .ear file I have two jar files. one contains ejb3 beans. Another only ejb2.1 beans.

      My problem is that when i want to inject EJB 2.1 beans in my EJB3 beans with

      @EJB(name="ejb/myejb21", beanInterface=myejb21home.class)

      or with

      @EJB(name="ejb/myejb21", beanInterface=myejb21home.class, beanName="myejb21link")

      jboss cannot find them. Although in ejb3 specification is indicated that ejb3 container must search for given business interface in the whole application.

      The only thing I can do is to use mappedName with full jndi name. It is a problem because the jndi contains also the version number and mappedName allows no variables in @EJB to use variable jndi names.

      Is it bug/feature in jboss ejb3 container?

      Thank you beforehand