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    ClassCastException on Stateless Remote Bean

    Jason Holmes Newbie

      Just started with the new EJB 3 stuff, so I'm guessing I've done something wrong. I just can't see what it is.

      I'm getting ClassCastExceptions when trying to get the a Remote Session Bean in a JNDI lookup. It's failing on the cast to the GeoFeatureManager.

      try {
       String geoFeatureManagerName = "motionbased/GeoFeatureManagerBean/remote";
       InitialContext ctx = new InitialContext();
       Object object = ctx.lookup(geoFeatureManagerName);
       GeoFeatureManager geoFeatureManager = (GeoFeatureManagerBean) object;
       this.geoFeature = geoFeatureManager.findGeoFeature(getGeoFeaturePk());
       } catch (NamingException e1) {
       throw new SQLException(e1.getMessage());

      The Remote Interface
      public interface GeoFeatureManager extends Serializable {

      The Implementation of it ...

      @Stateless(name = "GeoFeatureManagerBean")
      @Remote( { GeoFeatureManager.class })
      @RemoteBinding(jndiBinding = "motionbased/GeoFeatureManagerBean/remote")
      public class GeoFeatureManagerBean implements GeoFeatureManager {
       private static final long serialVersionUID = 6211376611083502502L;

      I read this http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=CommonHurdlesAndDifficultiesYouMayEncounterDuringEJB3Development that says to make sure you don't have the class in more than one jar. I've checked, and it only appears in one of my jars.

      When I step through the code, it returns a $Proxy, which contains h, a StatelessRemoteProxy. Within the proxy it sees the appropriate jar. And in the EJBMetaData, it has the appropriate interface, GeoFeatureManager.

      So, I don't really see what I'm doing wrong. Hopefully somebody else can point out my mistake.