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    Lazy byte array gets loaded on query

    Andreas Eriksson Newbie


      I'm trying to specify a property in my entity bean (called Appendix) as lazy loaded by the following annotations:

      @Basic(fetch = FetchType.LAZY)
      @Column(name = "DOCUMENT", nullable = true)
      public byte[] getDocument() {
       return this.document;

      What I want is that this property ISN'T loaded unless I access it within the scope of the entity manager. When I search for an Appendix entity bean in the database using a EJB-QL query like:

      // Create traffic type query
      final EntityManager theEntityManager = this.getEntityManager();
      final Query theTrafficTypeQuery = theEntityManager.createQuery("from Appendix a where a.trafficType = :trafficType");
      theTrafficTypeQuery.setParameter("trafficType", theTrafficType);
      final List<Appendix> theAppendixes = theTrafficTypeQuery.getResultList();

      I can see in the JBoss log that the property "DOCUMENT" gets loaded anyway.

      select appendix0_.APPENDIX_ID as APPENDIX1_0_, appendix0_.START_DATE as START2_0_, appendix0_.DESCRIPTION as DESCRIPT3_0_, appendix0_.DOCUMENT as DOCUMENT0_, appendix0_.EXTENSION_ID as EXTENSION9_0_, appendix0_.CREATE_DATE as CREATE5_0_, appendix0_.PAGE_ID as PAGE6_0_, appendix0_.PRODUCT_ID as PRODUCT7_0_, appendix0_.STOP_DATE as STOP8_0_ from APPENDIX appendix0_ where appendix0_.PRODUCT_ID=?

      Does anyone know how I get my byte array property lazy loaded?

      If I understand it correct, loading lazy loaded entities should use the EntityManager method getReference(...), but in my case I load the entities using a query.

      In the following Hibernate reference docs I've read something about instrumentation, is it really necessary?


      I've really tried to search the forum but doesn't find anything useful.

      I'm using JBoss 4.0.4 GA and EJB3.0RC6.

      Regards, Andreas