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    How To do EAR Packaging


      Is there a how to on the different packaging options for my applications with new latest JBoss AS? I have looked through the online documenation and a section doesn't jump out at me that I should read.

      Basically, I'm trying to figure out how to deploy a bunch of shared dependency jars (around 30 - e.g., seam, apach.commons.*, etc) which wheigh in around 10MB.

      Right now I am bundling them into the ear or in the contained war. However, I have three apps that all share the same jar files. I can put them into the jboss/server/default/lib directory. I was wondering if there are other options...so that it might be easier to identify/change which jar files are deployed by me instead of included with jboss (which will be fun if I mix my jar files with those in the lib directory).

      So I guess:
      - are there other directories I could put jar files into
      - can I create a special ear file that would deploy a bunch of jar files
      that can be used by all applications
      - other thoughts

      Sorry for the long message, there is a lot of information out there and I am hoping for a couple of pointers that I can go read and do more research on.

      Thanks in advance,