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    Using Dynamic JavaScript with RichFaces on Client Side

    Mehdi Abniki Newbie

      consider a table of addresses, in which, each column contains different part of each address, so, can imaging that the table is a list of Address object.
      Now I'm trying to show a table to user (client side) and gather all of his/her address.
      At this point, I expect to receive a list of object (Address) from client side, the exact question is here, how can I do it by RichFaces?
      I didn't find such this ability in RichFaces components, but cause of it's a regular and very general scenario, I think there must be a possible way witch I don't know that.
      Please let me know if there is any way or even same problem.
      As an alter, we can use JavaScript handly, but I prefer to use such this code through tools like RichFaces.