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    EJB 3 tool beta testers needed

    David Oliver Newbie

      After a few months of development, qwickr is ready for a beta release. qwickr was born out of my ejb 3.0 development experiences especially the pain I found when trying to manipulate the database schemas that were created from my JPA domain models.

      The beauty of qwickr is that you can can execute ad-hoc JPQL statements against your application?s persistence units. I?ve found that JPQL is easier to write and means that you don?t need to restart applications after updating the database using SQL. After I made my first version of qwickr I added an 'Insert' statement to the standard JPQL constructs that qwickr supports which has made the tool excellent for setting up test data.

      I?ve also found qwickr to be a great help when developing JPQL statements embedded in applications. I?m able to review the domain model from the qwickr console and running queries in the console for testing has saved a lot of build cycles.

      If you?re developing ejb 3 applications, follow the tour at qwickr.com, give the tool a trail and then let me know think