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    no injection of @Resource TimerService within Entity EJB

    James McClure Newbie


      I'm working with 4.0.4GA and EJB3 RC9 on Java 1.5.0_06 (WinXP). Have created an entity bean with the container's timer service injected. When I reference the timer service, it is null. Under the same conditions, I am successful at injecting the timer service into both a MDB and a stateless session bean. No errors or warnings in compile or deployment with verbose output, only the NullPointerException when attempting to use the timer service.
      Here is what I am doing (simplified):

      public class MyEntity implements Serializable
       private TimerService timerService;

      Then try to invoke methods on the timer service:
      public createMyTimer()
       if((timerService.getTimers()).isEmpty() == false)

      I assume this annotation/usage is legal. Did not see anything logged in JIRA or a relate forum topic. Anyone seen this or have an answer to this behavior? Thanks.