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    EJB3 RC9 and BigDecimal/monetary issues

    darren hartford Expert

      Hey all,
      Using EJB3 RC9-FD patch on 4.0.4.GA Jboss AS.

      Trying to handle financial calculations and outside of database versions for querying calculations, I'm definately having problems on the POJO side.

      public class SampleBean implements Serializable {
       @javax.persistence.Column(precision=8, scale=2)
       public BigDecimal getAmountPaid() {
       return amountPaid;

      After persisting data to the database (with the database fields configured as Decimal(8,2) on both Mysql and Postgresql), the return results are not 'accurate', or as expected.

      After setting a value of '58.11' and persisting to the database, then trying to retrieve after a Query (i.e. completely new object as the other has been cleaned up):

      In the database, it stores correctly. Query-level mathimatical calculations are working correctly (assuming the database doesn't use floating point optimizations on Decimal fields, such as Mysql => 5.0.3). But retrieval of the value, EVEN WITH SCALE SET, is not working as expected.

      Is there something different I should be doing for handling monetary amounts in EJB3/JPA?