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    Is Client-Side Lazy fetching possible?!?

    Michael Postmann Newbie

      EJB3 enables UnitTests for Entities outside of the applicationServer.

      It specifies too, that data in a DB may be externally modified without breaking the AS.

      So (combining these two facts) is it possible to apply the mechanisms used for unitTesting to my swing-enabled client. So I could do lazy loading in my client application?

      The reason for that is the following:

      I have to build a Table with GiftCertificates. The GiftCertificates refer to other entities. I have to assume that users want to display lot's of them at once (> 100.000 pcs.). So I have a finder in a SessionBean which returns the found GiftCertificates and adds them to the tableModel.

      Using eager-loading is, as you can see, no option here, because the performance will be way to slow.
      Passing back the GiftCertificate entities to a SessionBean-Method which does the lazy loading for me is too slow to.

      So what I want to do, is to be able to giftCertifiate.getBuyer() or giftCertificate.getTaxRate() in the table.models getValueAt() method.

      I somehow need som EntityManager or similar in my Client...

      Is this somehow possible?

      thx in advance

      nomike aka Michael Postmann