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    Using @WebService into Statess Session Bean

    Fabricio Braga Newbie


      I have a Stateless Session Bean and want to expose it like a Web Service.

      Here goes the code:

      @WebService (name = "ProcessOrder")
      public class ProcessOrderServiceBean implements ProcessOrderService, OrderNodes{
       protected static final Log logger = LogFactory.getLog(ProcessOrderServiceBean.class);
       public Document processOrder(Document order) throws RemoteException {
       logger.info("processing order");
       return createOrderReply(order);

      On console window JBoss gives me following information:

      INFO [ServiceEndpointManager] WebService started: http://tec-16:8081/business/ProcessOrderServiceBean

      Where can I Find a simple "how to" that guide me to do:

      1- Write a simple client that acess my WebService as stand alone application
      2 - Write a simple code that a access my WebService as HttpClient