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    ne emf.createEntityManager(EXTENDED) any more?

    Philipp Taprogge Newbie


      I am using ejb3-rc8 on JBoss-4.0.4.GA.

      I am trying to get an EXTENDED EntityManager inside a servlet. Doing this in a lervlet just seemed to be the simplest way to write some data to the DB while migrating to a new, rewritten version of our application.
      I look up the EntityManagerFactory and UserTransaction from JNDI, call em.join(utx) and would be happy if I did not need an EntityManager in EXTENDED PersistenceContext.

      The docs I found all mention using


      but that method does not seem to be there. I can only find
      createEntityManager(Map properties);

      How do I go about getting this job done?
      If injection into servlets worked, I just would do
      EntityManager em;

      in my Servlet, but since it doesn't, there has to be another way.

      Thanks for any hints you can offer.