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    Strange stateful session bean problem (creating new SFSB bet

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      in my JSF backing bean I access SFSB:

      userSession = (UserSession) ctx.lookup("bgsw/UserSessionBean/local");

      In SFSB constructor give it an test identifier:
      id = System.currentTimeMillis();

      From login.jsf I access my SFSB (id 1161084087468), then by hand (writing in browser) I change page to addBoardGame.jsf and access my SFSB (but it's different SFSB - id 1161084121117).

      Every time I perform jndi lookup I get different SFSB?
      userSession = (UserSession) ctx.lookup("bgsw/UserSessionBean/local");

      How can I lookup the same SFSB? Is this possible?

      Thank you for your help.