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    Suggestion Box:

    Elmar Weber Newbie


      I would like to display a slightly more complex message in a suggestion box when the returned list is empty.
      The message is rather long and contains a link.

      The problem with the nothingLabel facet/parameter is that it is only single lined. Furthermore, when adding a link, the javascript handler catches it and just closes the suggestion box (thats intended behaviour) instead of the hyperlink.

      Of course I could emulate the nothingLabel with a dummy result that is returned and rendered accordingly. However, this would produce a problem with the selection and is IMHO no clean solution.

      So, basically I've two questions:
      - is there a workaround to display multi lined text?
      - is there a way to disable the javascript handler for the onclick event in the list in certain scenarios?

      If not, what is the best point to extend the suggestion box?