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    EJB3 for MySQL has Quote and errors.

    Don Young Newbie

      I'm using jboss-4.0.4.GA with EJB3.
      The JPA implementation in Hibernate generates quotes around the table name and cause MySql 5.0 version to error. I'm using mysql-connector-java-3.1.8-bin.jar JDBC driver.

      The generated SQL is:

      2006-10-23 09:33:52,615 DEBUG [org.hibernate.util.JDBCExceptionReporter] could not execute query [select roles0_.RO_SEQ_ID as RO1_96_, roles0_.code as code96_, roles0_.CREATED_BY as CREATED3_96_, roles0_.CREATED_TIME as CREATED4_96_, roles0_.MODIFIED_BY as MODIFIED5_96_, roles0_.MODIFIED_TIME as MODIFIED6_96_, roles0_.name as name96_, roles0_.version as version96_ from "lsapl_roles" roles0_]

      Note if I take out the quote using lsapl_roles instead of "lsapl_roles", the query is fine.

      thanks for any help